Saturday, 17 January 2009

Welcome to the food temple

Moore Wilson's is a Wellington institution. It started out as a wholesaler to the restaurant trade, but is now open to all. The deli fresh section has recently been refurbished as is now somewhat like a conventional supermarket in appearance. There you can get lots of great fruit and veg, meat, breads, dairy products and coffee. This is also the section where they have one member of staff devoted to tending the orange squeezing machine. You can smell orange zest from along the street!

The fresh section of the store is great, but it's when you cross over to the grocery section that the magic really begins. First there is the real cash & carry section which is a full-on warehouse. You can by in bulk here - there's enough rice to restock a paddy field. Anthony only just managed to stop me heading off with a kilo of dried chillies today.

Next to the cash and carry is the alcohol. Now I've blogged about Gerry's on Old Compton Street on London before (, but Moore Wilson's is Gerry's on a grand scale. You name it, they're likely to have it. Upstairs from the booze is the non-food section. Need glasses, plates, knives, a mop, a heater, cookery books, bedding? You'll find them all here. This may sound like an advert for the shop, but for anyone who's into food there's nothing to beat it.

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