Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bright lights big city?

I took a trip to Auckland this week for work. It's a funny place.

When we were making plans to move to NZ we pretty much ruled out Auckland straight away. The rationale was simple: if you're going to live in a big city you want it to be London or New York, Paris or Hong Kong, not Auckland.

Not that there's anything in particular wrong with Auckland per se, it has shops, venues, restaurants, but they are all a bit 'so what' (as my EngD supervisor used to say). The people rush around in a big city fashion, but behind the bustle there seems to be little real spirit.

Wellington, on the other hand, is a small city. Rather like Edinburgh is in comparison with London. Despite its size, Wellington has a distinct vibe about it - it has cafes, restaurants, theatres, boutique shops. In short, every time I come back here I know that we made the right choice. I'm happy to leave Auckland to those who want to play at living the big city life.

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